You are an Entrepreneur or perhaps you want to become one soon.
Will Coaching benefit you? Consider if:

  • You are fully committed to your entrepreneurial journey and have a burning desire to make it a success.
  • You are self-driven and yet feel the need for accountability and support.
  • You want the freedom to choose how you define success.
  • You feel you have the skills, knowledge and attitude to win and are open to external support to bring these all together to create a recipe for success.
  • You consider your entrepreneurial journey a means to discover and create who you can really become.
  • You have a prosperity mindset and are open to receiving more of it in your life.

Yes to most of the above? My name is Milind Jadhav  and I am a Certified Life Coach specializing in coaching for Entrepreneurs. Keep reading!

Entrepreneur Coaching is meant for those who are committed to creating a thriving, successful business. As your Coach, I focus on where your business is currently; help you evaluate what’s working and what’s not; help you determine goals and create an action plan to reach them.

My services tend to be a coaching/consulting hybrid, meaning that I use a coaching approach to keep you fired up and driven to build your business, while offering you insights gained from my two decades of experience in Marketing and Business, wherever they are relevant to your goals.

Most of my coaching slots are for coaching via Skype or phone for clients located anywhere in the world. A few slots are reserved for in-person sessions for residents of Mumbai/ Pune in India.

My Entrepreneur Coaching Model is based on making two aspects work:
1) Your Business Model
2) You
Needless to add, both need to be equally strong to create the success story you want.

1) Strengthening your Business Model:
For your business, the kind of topics we explore during our coaching engagement are:

Purpose: Why (other than to make money) does your business exist?
•  What customer need is your business serving?
•  What is your vision and mission?
•  How do you define what business you are in?

Clients/ Customers: How well do you know those you intend to serve?
•  What is the profile of the category client?
•  Which of these (if not all of these) will you be targeting?
•  Which clients are the most profitable?

Products/ Offerings: What are the various ways in which you can address your clients’ needs?
•  How does your product/service address the consumer’s need?
•  What are your core products/ services and which ones do you give free?

Marketing & Community Building: How do you engage with customers and prospects?
•  What are the core elements of your Marketing Strategy?
•  In what way does your Marketing Strategy factor in the turbulent, changing needs of today’s business environment?

Business and Financial Goals: What milestones have you set for different aspects of your business?
•  What are the current qualitative and quantitative objectives of your business in absolute numbers and in relative performance?
•  What is your Spending plan? What are your priorities?

2) Strengthening You:
Entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of tea. To venture into it, to stay focused, to not quit and to succeed in it takes a certain kind of mental makeup.

My coaching engagement with you as an Existing or a Soon-to-be Entrepreneur addresses topics such as:
•  What Success means to you
•  How you deal with Failure
•  What systems you have created to keep you motivated and driven
•  How you document your learnings on this journey
•  What can make you more productive
•  What fears you deal with everyday and how you manage them
•  How you deal with anxiety of family members
•  What your concepts of Risk and Security are

The life of an Entrepreneur can be very exciting, very challenging and at times very lonely, especially when the winds are not in your favour. A person who spends his life working with Entrepreneurs is a handy person to have around on this journey!

Curious? More details can be found on the Coaching FAQs page. If you are sincerely interested in the possibility of adding a coaching relationship to your support network, I offer a complimentary 30-minute Exploratory Coaching Session.

The Exploratory Session is not a sales pitch; it’s a real and live coaching session. You will yourself experience how a coaching engagement helps in you moving forward towards your goals. It also helps each of us deciding if there’s a good fit between us.

Remember, no one NEEDS a coach. It’s just a slower, less fun – and often – more expensive road without one!

To schedule your Exploratory Coaching Session, email me at